KONO Translucent Dark Blue Dripper  半透明深藍濾杯 (2021限量版)

KōNO Translucent Indigo Blue Dripper translucent dark blue filter cup (2021 limited edition)

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Japan's classic conical filter cup KōNO - born after a long period of continuous research and precise calculations. There are 12 three-dimensional grooves (ribs) in the cone-shaped filter cup, which only extend to the middle of the cup, so that the inside of the upper half of the filter cup can be close to the filter paper. The injected water falls to the center through the grooves below, allowing the coffee essence to be released. Extracted at a more stable speed, it presents a round and thick flavor with a full aftertaste, and is highly recommended by coffee lovers.

Kono Meimon dripper has 12 vertical ribs inside the conical shape, these ribs only extends from the bottom to the middle. With this design water can spread evenly throughout the filter and let coffee drip through at a steady speed, resulting in a bit more balance and depth of flavor, similar to that of Nil drip. A favorite dripper of both professional coffee barista and coffee mania.


Product description

  • KONO’s second-generation filter cup (MDN) launched in the summer of 2021 - translucent dark blue

  • The half-rib design makes the coffee flow rate and extraction speed more stable and easier to control, retaining the flavor of the coffee; the flavor can be changed by adding water.

  • KONO summer special edition(MDN) - Translucent deep blue

  • Half-rib design can let coffee drip steadily and makes it easier to control the speed of extraction.

Material_ acrylic resin

Size _ D10cm x H 8cm (including handle 11.5cm)
Dripper: D9.5cm × H6.5cm

    Weight_ 97.5g

    Heat-resistant temp_ 90℃

    Country of Origin_Japan


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