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When it comes to Mino-yaki, Toki City in Gifu Prefecture is a major producer. Walking into SHOTOEN is like walking into the Grand View Garden, where all kinds of Mino ware are ready to go. Zheng Tao Yuan is a family-style pottery workshop run by two generations of father and son, full of charm.

Pottery is hand-made one by one using traditional techniques and the sensibility of craftsmen. Even if it is the same style, the expression of each piece is subtly different. A major feature of SHOTOEN pottery is the unique European style clay glaze technique, which makes the expression of the pottery full of force. The combination of soil and glaze is natural, full of the touch and warmth of Japanese craftsmen. As an indispensable coffee cup in coffee life, even if you see it every day, you will not get bored, but will feel richer, just like the good life. Same as partners.

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  • SHOTOEN Ceramic Mug Natural Stripe Powder
    美濃燒 SHOTOEN 手作馬克杯 Natural beige Stripe - SOLOBITO
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