KōNO Ruby Red Dripper 紅寶石   (2023 Spring Ed.) - SOLOBITO

KōNO Ruby Red Dripper 紅寶石 (2023 Spring Ed.)

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日本經典錐形濾杯Kōno - 經過長時間不斷研究及精密計算下誕生。錐形濾杯內有12 條立體溝槽(肋骨),只延伸至杯的中間, 令濾杯上半部的內側可緊貼濾紙, 注入的水經下方的溝槽向中央落下, 讓咖啡精華以更穩定的速度萃取, 呈現出圓潤厚實的風味, 尾韻飽滿, ,  深受咖啡愛好者推祟。

Kono Meimon dripper has 12 vertical ribs inside the conical shape, these ribs only extends from the bottom to the middle. With this design water can spread evenly throughout the filter and let coffee drip through at a steady speed, resulting in a bit more balance and depth of flavor, similar to that of Nil drip.  A favorite dripper of  both professional coffee barista and coffee mania. 


Product descrption

  • KONO 於2023 年春推出的第二代濾杯 (MDN)  - 紅寶石

  • 半肋骨的設計, 讓咖啡的流速和萃取速度更穩定及容易控制, 保留咖啡的風味; 可透過注水方式, 讓味道產生變化

  • KONO 2023 spring edition(MDN) - Transculent Ruby Red

  • Half-rib design can let coffee drip steadily and makes it easier to control the speed of extraction. 

Material_acrylic resin 

Size_D10cm  x H 8cm ( including handle 11.5cm)
        Dripper:D9.5cm × H6.5cm

    Weight_ 97.5g

    Heat-resistant temp_ 90℃

    Country of Origin_ Japan


    日本Kōno濾杯 二三事 (一文看清懶人包)