Tsukiusagi Enamel Kettle 月兔印琺瑯大水煲  2.2L

Tsukiusagi Enamel Kettle Moon Rabbit Seal Enamel Large Water Pot 2.2L

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feature of product:

Designed by internationally renowned product designer Yamada Kōmin, the slim curve extending from the pot body to the spout is filled with a European retro atmosphere. Each piece is made by Noda enamel craftsmen. It has high thermal insulation and excellent hand feel, and is suitable for hand-brewed coffee. .

Material_enamel (pot body)/wood (handle)

Size_ W23.5×19.5×H22.5cm

Capacity_2.2L (full of water)

Weight_about 870g


Direct fire/IH : OK