Tsukiusagi Enamel Kettle Brown 0.7L

Tsukiusagi Enamel Kettle Brown 0.7L

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Product description

  • Designed by internationally renowned product designer Komin Yamada
  • Slender curve extending from the body to the spout exudes European vintage charm
  • Crafted by artisans at Noda Horo
  • Offers excellent heat retention
  • Superb feel
  • Ideal for hand-brewed coffee


Size_approx . 19.5×9.5×18.5 (base 9.5) cm

Capacity_0.7L : about 700ml (full of water) / about 560ml (80% full)

Weight_about 435g


Precautions :

Direct fire: ○ IH: × Microwave: × Oven: ○ Dishwasher: ×