Noda enamel rectangular shallow storage box (S)

Noda enamel rectangular shallow storage box (S)

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Japan's leading enamel brand - Noda Enamel White Series won the LONG LIFE DESIGN 2013 Japan GOOD DESIGN Award. It integrates the functions of "preparing ingredients", "cooking" and "preserving ingredients".

Product Description
  • Enamel is a material made of glass wrapped around a steel block, so that the food will not come into contact with the metal, making it less likely to absorb odor and hygienic.
  • Can be placed in the refrigerator, heated over direct fire, or placed in the oven
  •  The deep space is practical and can store regular dishes or coffee beans.

    Material_enamel (box), EVA resin (lid)

    Dimensions_ W.208×D.145×H.44 mm

    Capacity/weight_0.8L / about 330g

    Country of Origin_ Japan

    Precautions_Direct fire: ○ IH: × Microwave oven: × Oven: ○ Food washer: ×

    - Avoid cleaning with metal cloth to avoid scratching the surface

    - In case of damage and cracks, which exposes the internal metal, you should keep it dry to avoid rust.