KONO Silky Paper Filter 40 sheets White  (2 persons) - SOLOBITO

MS-25 Kono Silky Paper Filter 40 sheets White (2 persons)

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KONO's dedicated filter paper designed for the Kōno Meimon dripper. Product Description:

  • Features embossed ribs only on the inside of the paper, keeping the surface smooth to adhere better to the cup walls, further preventing coffee liquid from flowing horizontally.
  • Effectively blocks fine powder from flowing downwards, minimizing off-flavors and enhancing the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Suitable for:

  1. Coffee beginners using the MDK dripper.
  2. Professional baristas who prefer light roasts.

Bleached filter paper:

  • Bleached with ozone sterilization and enzyme bleaching to eliminate paper taste, allowing the true flavor of the coffee to shine through.

Shape: Cone-shaped

Capacity: 2 cups

Material: Natural wood

Country of Origin: Japan