KONO 名門 二人濾杯手沖分享壺組合 RED (2人用) - SOLOBITO

KONO Meimon 2 person coffee dripper set famous filter cup set - RED

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Product Description
  • The mid-rib filter cup color series has been on sale since 2004. The water-conducting groove only extends to the middle of the cup, allowing the filter paper to fit tightly into the filter cup. This prevents the odor during coffee extraction from being carried down, and allows the coffee to The extraction speed and flow rate are easier to control
Products include
MDN-21 conical filter cup, measuring spoon (same color as the filter), heat-resistant glass lower pot (including lid), cotton filter paper (40 sheets), instruction manual

Size_ 11.5×8.cm (filter cup) /8x15xH11cm (glass jug)

Country of Origin_ Japan