【Pre-order/shipped within 10~14 days】Japanese Pickled Vegetables Recipes 色物の作り方 130

【Pre-order/shipped within 10~14 days】Japanese Pickled Vegetables Recipes 色物の作り方 130

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Introducing a recipe collection for simple and healthy pickled foods such as nukazuke and umeboshi.

Japanese cuisine, known for its deliciousness and healthiness, has garnered attention from overseas as a nutritious diet. Pickles, in particular, serve as a notable example, often referred to as "Japanese pickles," and are readily embraced by foreigners as part of Japanese cuisine.

This recipe book explains how to make 129 types of pickles, including salt-pickled, vinegar-pickled, and fermented pickles commonly found in Japanese home cooking, accompanied by colorful photographs.

「日本のピクルス」として、foreignerにも得け入れられやすい日本食です. Japanese home cooking, Japanese pickled food, Japanese pickled food, fermented fermented pickled food, and 129 kinds of pickled food. Delicious food, healthy food, and overseas food.



Writer : Tateno Machiko ( Tateno Machiko)

Date of publishing: 2019/10/21

Pages : 144

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