[In stock] SMILE cookie recipes that can be eaten every day

[In stock] SMILE cookie recipes that can be eaten every day

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The smiley face cookie recipe adds double happiness to coffee time, and has sold more than 300,000 copies in Japan!

Laughter is a kind of happiness. It is a super happy thing to be able to bake a smile from the heart with your own hands and share it with others!

The super popular healthy cookie recipe that has sold over 300,000 copies in Japan, <<まいにち食べたい「ごはんのような」クッキーとビスケットの本>>, literally translates to "like rice, I want to eat it every day" Kiwa Biscuit Recipe), which won Japan's "Cuisine Rakuten Grand Prize [お Fruit Part]". Because it is simple and healthy, and can bring a happy smile to people's faces, it has become the most precious collection of recipes for many novice bakers. .

<<まいにち食べたい「ごはんのような」クッキーとビスケットの本>> Pre-order - SOLOBITO


Book title: "ごはんのような" クッキーとビスケットの本

Author : なかしましほ

Publisher : Housewife and Living Society

Year of publication : 2009

Number of pages : 88

content :

Mr. Nakajima can make healthy pancakes every day by "taking away the butter" and "taking away the cream" "just like cooking rice"!

Mr. Nakajima advocates making delicious cookies and biscuits using natural ingredients that do not burden the body. No need to spend a lot of effort, just take out the round pot that is necessary in the kitchen, and use a pair of hands to knead the dough left and right. Novices can easily make "smiley face cookies"! The basic types include biscuits and crackers (crackers) ), biscuits, etc. are all STEP-BY-STEP, illustrated and included in the book.

<Table of Contents>

- PART 1 Basic Cookies

Basic molded cookies (SMILE BISCULT)/Basic top cookies (black sesame strips)

Basic hand cookies (peanut butter and chocolate)

Basic ice box cookies (brown sugar coconut)/basic drop cookies (cocoa and butter)

- P ART 2 Fancy Cookies

French cheesecake with wine and almond slices/soybean and chocolate drip cookies/sweet chestnut and black sesame drip cookies

Oatmeal cookies/raisin sandwich cookies/coffee core cookies/hojicha cookies

Honey Ginger Cookies/Matcha Cookie Rings

White sesame cream shortbread/double chocolate cream shortbread/soy milk and soy flour biscuits

Banana Chocolate Drop Cookies/Carrot Cookie Bars/Mooncakes


- PART 3 Cookie friends

Seaweed Salt Crackers (CRACKER)/Potato. Rosemary Crackers/Miso Crackers

Coconut and lemon meringue cake/peanut macaron/strawberry steamed bun biscuits

Matcha. Biscotti/Hojicha. Gannatto Biscotti



About the author

Nakajima Shiho (なかしましほ) is a culinary researcher from Niigata Prefecture. Transformed from running an organic cuisine restaurant to becoming a chef. We are famous for creating healthy and delicious ingredients using natural and healthy ingredients that do not put a burden on the body. Nakajima has launched a series of healthy snack recipes since 2009, which has brought her a large number of housewife fans; the "SMILE COOKIE" with a smiling face has become the symbol of Nakajima's recipes, and it is also synonymous with happy cookies on the Japanese Internet. In addition to appearing in major media to teach cooking, Nakajima also teaches classes. She founded "foodmood (フードムード)" confectionery shop in Tokyo National Railway Station in 2006, and there were long queues all day long.

Nakajima-sensei’s self-portrait


Japanese netizens’ secondary creation of SMILE COOKIE


Source: ameblo.jp/tomo-k-mie/