【HANDMADE】Gongbo ことりのマグカップ- white

【HANDMADE】Gongbo ことりのマグカップ- white

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Product Description
  • A ceramic mug with a starry sky theme and a picture book feel.
  • Fired from Okinawa terracotta, it has a frosted flavor
  • The morning coffee time and the starry sky time after dark hit it off perfectly.
  • The cup is thick but not heavy, and the handle has a wide gap, which is more than enough for a man's thumb to hold.
  • Each piece is hand-made pottery, so the tone and feel of each piece are subtly different. This is the charm of hand-made works.


Dimensions_Height about 7cm, diameter about 8cm
Capacity_ Approximately 200ML when 8 minutes full
Origin_ Japan


About the author

Gongfang's のことりMorinaga Ryūya

"ことり" means "little bird". The pottery created by Mr. Morinaga, the ceramicist who founded the workshop, can make people feel like hearing the song of a bird after touching it. It is like taking a breath of spring breeze. It is filled with the leisure and freedom of Okinawa. The unconventional creative style is full of picture book feeling, and it has been described as a "ceramic coffee cup that tells a story."

Mr. Morinaga moved to Okinawa Prefecture from Nagasaki Prefecture in 1998. In 2001, he studied under Toshiaki Kanejo, the second son of the ceramicist Jiro Kanejo, who is known as the "National Treasure in the World". In 2008, he founded "Gongbo Kobo".

Mr. Morinaga's mugs are known for their abstract landscape patterns. In addition, the shape of the mug considers the user's comfort when touching the mouth of the mug when drinking coffee. Therefore, the rim of the mug has a unique thickness and is very popular in local coffee shops.