Sosogu Kettle Drip Pot Parts  (XS)  Extremely fine 手沖壺咀配件 - SOLOBITO

Sosogu_ Kettle Drip Pot Parts XS Extremely Fine

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Product Description:
Designed by Taka, a Japanese camping tool design expert. It can be used after being inserted into the spout of the designated kettle. The water flow is longer and easier to control, and can penetrate into the coffee powder densely, resulting in a better filtering effect.

Product Description :
Designed by Japanese camping gear designer Taka, sosogu_ is an easy-to-pack kettle drip pot part for outdoor kettle.
After insertion at the specified kettle tip, a steady & thin stream water can be produced for the best pour-over effect.
suits kettle with tip opening 14mm~11mm
for  Primus Litech Kettle


Material/Material : Stainless steel/Silicone
Heat-resistant temp : about 200℃

Country of origin : Japan
Country of Origin : Japan