Miyaco  Single Drip Kettle  Black 一人手沖壺 - SOLOBITO

Single Drip Kettle Miyazaki Seisakusho Personal Drip Kettle (BLACK)

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Product Description
  • A highly popular single-serve pour-over kettle in the Japanese coffee community
  • Compact size, perfect for brewing one cup of coffee, suitable for use at home, in the office, or outdoors
  • Ultra-thin spout with a 7mm diameter, with a polished inner tip for precise water flow control
  • Made of stainless steel, easy to clean and hygienic
  • Rounded wooden handle that is comfortable to hold and does not get hot

Material_stainless steel/wood

Size_151 x 153 x 97mm

Capacity_0.4L (when full)

Weight_ 180g

Origin_ Japan


  • After boiling water with an electric kettle, pour it into the pour-over kettle at the ideal coffee brewing temperature of 85°C to 90°C to make a delicious single-serving coffee.
  • The pour-over kettle cannot be heated over an open flame or on an induction hob