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Nankei Pottery Garden (なんけいせいとうえん) is a famous "Emanko Yaki" workshop in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan.
It is particularly famous for its teapots (Kyusu); with its unique technology and experience that are indispensable for making Kyusu , it has created more than 300 teapots so far.

One of the evergreen products, "Black Smoke" (黒くすべ), is carbonized and fired with iron-rich clay, and then blackened. It has a unique black color, and there is no glaze on the surface. The tea flavor is in the iron Under the "influence" of the qualitative ingredients, it becomes mellow.

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  • Nanjing Pottery Teapot
    南景製陶園  芙蓉急須   黑練 - SOLOBITO
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