BILINGUAL Manga  << What did you eat yesterday?>>

BILINGUAL Manga << What did you eat yesterday?>>

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Starring Nishijima Hidetoshi and Uchino Saiya's のダブル, 『きのう何食べた?』がスクリーンに appears! The film is adapted into Memories, バイリンガル版コミックのお出ましです.

The original Japanese version of "Buki out" in Chinese and "English version of 枠外に元の日本语" with "したバイ" English がわからなくてもすぐlateral に日本语があるので, dictionary いらずですいすい読めます.シロさんとケンジがEnglish conversation しているのが丝わえるし, Kayoko さんやStore manager だってEnglish ペラペラ!

この巻でtakeり上げるレシピは, たけのことがんもとこんにゃくの boiled food, いわしのume boiled, salmon とごぼうの菜き込みごrice, chestnut riceなどなど.もちろん、作り方(=シロさんの心の声)はAll Englishで読めます.

The special code of the volume at the end of the period, the special edition of the special code, and the Japanese and English language of the adjustment.




Bookname: BILINGUAL What did you eat yesterday (ENGLISH -JAPANESE)  


Publisher: Kodansha

Year of Publishing: 2021

Pages: 160