[HOW TO] Plum Vinegar Crafting

Hand drip coffee is an everyday activity throughout the year. Plum harvest, however, is an annual event. In June, Japan's plum harvest season reaches its peak. The fully-ripe Nakoume plum is large and round, emitting a delightful fragrance, making them perfect for crafting plum vinegar. After about two months, this refreshing beverage is ready to enjoy, especially when diluted with soda water or plain water. It's the perfect way to beat the summer heat and feel revitalized.

Plum vinegar


Plum 400g
Rice vinegar 400ml
Rock sugar 300g


1 transparent airtight glass jar

                                              1 bamboo skewer

Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO


"Nankoume" (南高梅)  is a variety from the Kishu region of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. These plums are large and round, weighing approximately 26 to 35 grams each. They have thick, soft flesh and small seeds. While the fruit starts off green, it ripens to a yellow color, with parts exposed to sunlight turning peachy pink.

Fully ripe Nankoume plums emit a sweet aroma and have a refreshing, rounded flavor. Harvest season typically occurs every June. They are versatile and suitable for various uses, including making umeboshi (pickled plums) and plum wine.


Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



First wash the plums one by one under running water. Avoid scratching your nails when washing to avoid becoming a source of mold.


Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO


Wipe each piece dry with kitchen paper and then air dry to make sure there is no moisture.



Use a bamboo skewer to pick out the stems of the plums (as the stems may harbor bacteria, leading to mold in the plum vinegar).

Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



After rinsing the glass bottle with boiling water, dry the inside with kitchen paper.


Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



Then invert the glass bottle and place it on clean kitchen paper to further dry the glass bottle.



Layer the plums and rock sugar alternately, with a plum as the bottom layer.

Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



Pour rice vinegar into the bottle, making sure not to expose the tops of the plums to the air.

Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



Close the bottle cap and store it in a cool, shaded place. Shake well every 1-2 days.

You can drink it as soon as 30 days later, but waiting another month will allow the essence of the plum to fully emerge, resulting in a more delicious taste. The surface of the plum will also become wrinkled, and the flavor will become sweet and sour.


Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO



When the plum vinegar is ready for harvest, you can pour a small amount into small bottles and keep them in the refrigerator for easy consumption..




  • Dilute plum vinegar with 3-5 times of water or soda water for a refreshing drink
  • Pair plum vinegar with yogurt and honey for a tasty treat
  • Drinking plum vinegar in summer revitalizes the body due to its rich citric acid content.
        Plum vinegar helps alleviate fatigue and stimulates appetite.
  • Crushed plum flesh enhances the texture enjoyment
  • Other uses for plum flesh include making plum jam, salad dressing by blending with olive oil, and freezing to make popsicles for a delightful summer treat. 
  • Pickled Plum Vinegar – SOLOBITO